Best Chimney Brand in Nepal

In Nepal, kitchen appliances popularity has been increasingly growing. One of the essential kitchen appliances is a kitchen chimney. Kitchen chimney in Nepal are becoming more and more popular due to the various features they provide, like energy efficiency, reduced noise levels, modern filtration systems, and many more. With their growing popularity, there is a higher demand for them. As a result, many companies now offer kitchen chimneys in Nepal, giving customers a variety of options.

Best Chimney Brand in Nepal

With increasing popularity there is a huge demand for kitchen chimneys all over Nepal. The most demanded city is the capital city of Nepal that is Kathmandu. So, we’ll tell you which is the best kitchen chimney in Kathmandu.

Also, there are many online stores which provide different brands of Kitchen Chimney in the market, but Faber, Bluestone, Agni, and Eurodomo are the top kitchen chimney brands found in the Nepalese market.

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Is Kitchen Chimney and Range Hood Same?

A kitchen chimney is a type of ventilation system that is installed in a kitchen to remove smoke, steam, and other cooking fumes from the air. It typically consists of a hood that is mounted above the stove or cooktop.

A range hood, on the other hand, is a type of ventilation system that is specifically designed to be used with a range or stove. It is typically smaller and more compact than a kitchen chimney, and it is typically installed directly above the cooking surface.

Both kitchen chimneys and range hoods serve the same basic function, but they are designed for use in different types of kitchens.

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Is Chimney Necessary in a Modular Kitchen?

The kitchen chimney is an important part of the modular kitchen. There is no doubt that a modular kitchen is incomplete without a chimney. Modular kitchens are known for their sleek and modern design. They add style to your kitchen.

It not only helps to keep the kitchen clean, but it is also essential for maintaining indoor air quality. Aside from that, it helps in the reduction of smoke and bad smells in the kitchen. It also functions as a kitchen exhaust system, removing hot air and smoke.

Why do we need Chimney in Kitchen?

Kitchen Chimneys are necessary for any modern kitchen. They are necessary not only for kitchen ventilation but also for removing smoke and smells from cooking. A chimney keeps the kitchen safe and clean as well as improves the home’s overall air quality.

Cooking can be difficult in a kitchen without a chimney. Smoke and oil may quickly fill a room, making visibility and breathing difficult. The air that flows through the filters of a kitchen chimney absorbs heat and the fine filters in the chimney catch particles. Every home should have a kitchen chimney.

Below are a few reasons, why we need a chimney in the kitchen: –

  • It helps keep the kitchen space clean and tidy.
  • It adjusts the temperature in the kitchen.
  • It prevents sneezing and irritation during cooking.
  • It operates silently and effectively.

Why Kitchen Chimney is Used?

Cooking and frying foods in oil, grilling, and other activities leave greasy and oily marks all over the cooking area, so a kitchen chimney can remove the amount of smoke and grease that can form in your kitchen.

The kitchen chimney also helps in the maintenance of clean air in the kitchen. A kitchen chimney can also help keep your kitchen cleaner by removing food particles, oil vapors, and other smells from the air.


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